Blocker The Dog

Thank you all…

A very special thanks to Medvet, whose staff took such amazing and daily life-saving care of Blocker, for their wonderfully generous and touching gift of an engraved brick in Blocker’s memory. These bricks, making up the patio of MedVet’s Paws Park (a beautiful garden just outside the facility with trees, benches and a dog-friendly fountain) are engraved as memorials for folks’ cherished companions who have passed. Our thanks to Dr. Eric Schertel and Doug MacMillian for their kind hearts in their complimentary gift of Blocker’s brick, which are normally purchased as a donation to the park. We so appreciate the work you do and the outstanding service of your facility.
thanks so much to our friends Michael and Mia and Jasa for the beautiful maple tree they so kindly gifted in Blocker’s memory. Your kindness, compassion, and understanding are beyond words. You are beautiful people. Thank you.
Thurs, April 5, 2007, 11AM.

Hello, fine people. Thanks again so much for all your kind words. It is so beautiful and so meaningful to us. Thank you all. But this is just to say I’m going to put up a clip or 2 of our boy Blocker as a puppy, raising heck with his littermates (I’ve know him since the second he was born, you know. I gave him his name, “Blocker,” during his delivery, as he was twice as large as his littermates, and took several hours to squeeze out, blocking his other littermates arrival. In fact, we took Tara to Medvet to get the last pups out, cuz she was done pushing after his fat bottom first plopped to earth.)
Blocker as a pup, 8 weeks or so. 3 full minutes of gratuitous puppy video. Block enters from the right, and dominates control of the pot. (That’s him with the scrap of paper about 1:15, too.) At the end he rejoins the pot fray as he scampers across the screen from the left; watch where his nozzle ends up– boink! Hilarious luck. Luck, you say? Nay– skill, or fate. Then he scampers up towards the camera, job well done.

Wed, April 4, 2007, 10AM. Wow. wowowow! Thank you all so much for all the incredible outpouring of love and support you’ve all sent my way these last hours. Incredible. I’m stunned and moved, and I’m so touched and grateful for you all. Thank you. I may not be able to respond to you all just right yet today, but I will. I want to thank you all for your thoughts and support over the last 8 months. I do so appreciate it. Very, very much.

I particularly want to thank all the folks helping with Blocker’s care over these last months. The incredible doctors and staff at Medvet for all they did everyday for him, and me. Their gracious welcoming of us into their hallways and hearts and community I shall remember all my days, and Blocker is grateful too, I’m certain. Dr. Jim Carlson at Northworthington Pet Clinic for all his care and advice. Dr. Sue Wagner for her love and energy and plentiful housecalls; thanks, Sue. John and Carol at VibeOhio for being the amazing, giving beings of light that they are, and for recharging Blocker everyday! Thanks! Linda Senter for all her help with healthcare products; thankyou. Suburban Animal Clinic for all the care they’ve given over the years, Dr. Iain Grant at OSU, and also Fifth & Kenny Animal Hospital. I am grateful to and for you all.

On this cold and blustery day Bella and I will probably mostly just walk the woods where Blocker is buried and think, and remember, and cherish our attitude of gratitude for all of you fine people. We’ll talk later, shall we? Thanks,

Tom & Suzanne & Bella

————————-THANK YOU COMPILATION:——————-
thank you to:

to Sweet Dove, for being there and helping take care of Blocker since his surgery in August, and for sleeping on the floor with us for 8 months during that time. For all the love and kindness and care-giving and rides and play and joy for Blocker during your time together. For helping feed and walk him and medicate him and just everything; for all your love…

Stephanie, for giving him to me as a birthday gift, December 15th, 1998; for buying his mom, Tara, pregnant with Blocker unbeknownst to the breeder and us. For taking care of him and baby-sitting him so regularly, for the companionship of his pack; his mom, Tara, and sister, Blue-Bleu, and for helping pay for his care during his sickness. I can’t thank you enough for all those years of big-hearted generosity.

All the people who helped me with the medical procedures, such as tapping his chest; Dove, Johnny B, Elizabeth, Stephanie, Andy Harrison, Jimmy Rico (and thanks to you two for helping lay him to rest up on the farm in Delaware, Ohio.) And speaking of his resting place, thanks to Al and Amy and Neal and the Haveners for their graciousness and tolerance of our request and our needs and our grieving. Thank you. Thanks to Linda Senter for her help with Nikken wellness products. Thanks to those people (you know who you are) who had no reservations about openly inviting Blocker into your houses as if he were a person– you are amazing!

Chuck Brown for helping me with the website. So kind. Erica Blinn for letting me use her song for the Potting Soil video.

Jacquie for the flowers, and Elizabeth. Mia and Michael. John for the note. Patty for the poem. Cindy Gillings for some great pictures.

My Understanding Clients: Secondhand; Trey and Everyday Sunday; Pete Vogel, Susan Hadley and Bradley Sowash and BalletMet; Sue Mogan, and The Vague. Eric for taking up my slack in the studio, and helping dig (you too, Julie!) Thanks!

Emails, cards, prayers, love and support from these wonderful folks: Alison Kitchen, Aly, Michael Barone, Doug Beale, Chuck Brown, Happy Chichester, the Colons, Jerome Dillon, Quinn Fallon, Rachael and Maxx Faulkner, Cammy Furry, Mike Jackson, Don Lee, Craig Markley, Marcy Mays, John Morgan, Jenner, my brother Paul, Joe Oestreich, Rennie, Beth, Tim, Karl Wolwend and Knot Fibb’n, Andy Hindman, Sara Thomas, Bill Companyman, Dixie, Gemma, John, Deborah Kazsimer, Michell Nels; Cathy and Pat Testa, Paul Graham, Kim Russell, Jackie Mason, Buzz Fitzgerald, Robert Post, Bradd Haley, Andy Kuhar, Aaron Pauley, Brian Lucey, Brian Schaeffer, Frank Harrison, Dave Fowler, Fred Blitzer, Phil Lanese, Pete Vogel, Fritz, Cindy Coleman, Jeff Rosenblum, Kathy W, Neal, Stefan Farrenkopf, Rick Ziliak and Claudia, George and Christine Patnoe, Karen and Doug Williams, Prayers for, Silent Unity, and more whom I’ve temporarily forgotten but shall add as I remember and go through cards, emails and calls…

Medvet staff: Dr. Meg Baho and Julie, Dr. Jefferson and Amanda, Dr. Jay Ryan, Dr. Quigley, Dr. MacKenzie, Dr. Schertel, Dr. Aragon, Dr. Fulton, Dr. Herrick, Bethany, Penny, Alice, Karen, the front desk staff (Alison, Allyson, Angie, Becky, Casey, Christina, Lainey, Jannell, Shauna, Veronica, Lauren, Bonnie, Patty, Shirley, etc); Jessica, Nikki, Teri, Karla, Tara, Mari, Tracy, Doug McMillian, Lora K, Dan, John, Jay, Jen D, Kelly, Dr. Myers, Dr. Bancroft, Diana, Liz, Rachael, Jada, Xavia, Lauranne, Galie, Dr. Parson, Dr. Crouse, Dr. Kennedy, Dawn, and of course I’m forgetting so many more….

Animal Practitioners and Communicators: Jacqueline Smith, Joey Smith, Morgan Espe, Sue Wagner, Lisbeth Johnson, Doris Straka.

from Suzanne:

I want to thank all of my friends- Ann, Joanie, Kathleen, Christy, Tracy and Brad, Misty, Ray B., Julia, Jackie Barr, Steve and Argus, Sandra Papiez, Giti, Lisbeth Johnson, Debbie, Colleen, Susan, Janet, all those at Trinity, friends at AIAM- Jerry, Sarah, Heidi, Angela, Jay, Diane, Laurie Cole, Katie, and others, my neighbor Nancy and of course my baby Bella. My family- my dear sisters Michelle and Cindy, my Mom for all of their support and heart felt compassion.
To Tom, my dear Thomas, for all of your unending, tireless, unbelievable and truly inspiring care, attention, sacrifice, love, time, loyalty and companionship to Blocker.
Without you, he would not have lived as long and as happily as he did. You gave up your “regular” life to take on Blocker’s care full-time. Often with very little sleep, you continued to be the best dog daddy to Blocker.
You and I tried so hard through many means and much help, many therapies and healing modalities, to help Blocker heal. Our time together was so profound, unforgettable, heart wrenchingly painful at times yet truly a spiritual love story. I am so glad, so so glad to have had this experience with both of you. I will never forget it.
Without you, I would not be able to cope right now, but because we have a shared understanding of the Light that Blocker was and is I am ok.

To the depths of my soul I say thank you Tom.


thanks so much to our friends Michael and Mia and Jasa for the beautiful maple tree they so kindly gifted in Blocker’s memory. You are too kind. Thank you.


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