Blocker The Dog

His beloved mother, Tara

Tara- May 26, 1994 - Dec 16, 2008

Tara- May 26, 1994 - Dec 16, 2008

Tara’s passing
Blocker’s mother, Tara, was almost 15 years old today, Dec 16, 2008, when she went Home to rejoin her two sons, Blocker and Jake. She was surrounded by her family and her loving ‘mom’ and owner, Stephanie, who loved beyond compare and had done more for Tara’s care than humanly imaginable. Tara had been having trouble walking and controlling her hind legs increasingly for the past year or two, and this morning couldn’t even stand up enough to potty. She had had a good long innings, almost 15 years. To our benefit and joy. She is now free of the pains and restrictions of her physical body. Bless her heart. The best ever.

Tara spent the day with us and her daughter, Blue-Bleu, and Bella. We took her to the park, a sharp, brisk morning, and she enjoyed herself there, to return home to a brunch of sauteed liver, and then, a bit later, a late lunch of, yes, sauteed liver, her favorite. A day showered with attention, affection, and family.

We miss and love you so much, sweet Tara, our Dogmother. Thank you for your gifts to us. You live in our hearts forever.

Tara, winter morning walk, Dec 7, 2008

Tara, winter morning walk, Dec 7, 2008


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love you tara, steph, blue, tom, bella, and blocker—and boo. hugs to you all, with great sadness and also with great celebration and gratitude for all that has been, all that is. here’s to charmed lives, to mystical reunions. e and bee–

Comment by Beecher and E.

I love you, Tara. Thank you for sharing your life with me and for bringing my sweet boy, your son, into my life. I am forever grateful. I miss you.

A blessed journey,


Comment by blockerthedog

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