Blocker The Dog

His Beloved Kitty

Blocker would bathe Potting Soil, our 22-year cat, every day. There’s a 2 minute clip of the action below.

blocker bathes potty
Blocker and his beloved kitty-cat, Potting Soil.

2 minutes of Blocker giving Potting Soil a hairdoo.
(the music is by Erica Blinn. Thanks, Erica!)

About Potting Soil…

Potting Soil was a tortoiseshell female that was 22 years old when she was taken from my front porch. She was as active as she was when she was a kitten. So the person who took her, catnapped her, as it were, thought she was ill or malnutritioned, not realizing she was just old. We never saw her again. She loved to walk out to greet the folks pushing strollers down the sidewalk. Her social bent did her in. It was July, and she probably died of thirst, as her kidneys were, well, 22 years old.

The woman who took her, bless her heart, saw my signs and eventually called to tell me and apologize for taking her (Potty escaped from her arms 5 blocks away.) She was spotted a few times in the surrounding areas, trying to find her way back home, but, alas, it never happened. Her kitty friend, Doodah, also 22 years old, had passed months before, and Blocker really missed them both. Now they’re together again, at last. Wash her good, Block, wash her real good.

Potting Soil

That’s Potting Soil just to the left of Blocker on the Celebrity Chef poster.

Celebrity Chef Poster advertisment


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