Blocker The Dog

Blocker pictures

Blocker with Suzanne 1Blocker and Suzanne

Suzanne with BlockerSuzanne with Blocker. He’s shaved from surgery. Sexy!

———————–Blocker, the recording studio hospitality dog———————

Blocker came to work with me every day. His gentle intelligent demeanor helped relax many an artist, lending them his energy and spirit. He’s been thanked on many a CD cover. In fact, his “singing” was even on Broadway with my client Robert Post.

Here’s three photos of Blocker hanging out in the studio with the girlz. OK, Chris Howes isn’t a girl, but his hair is lovely, isn’t it?

blocker-hangs-with-the-girlz.jpgBlock hangs wit da girlss. Like Ditka.

B, Chris Howes, and da girlss Chris Howes reading charts for Alison Kitchen’s project.

Block’s screensaver bores him Blocker naps because his screensaver bores him.

——————–Playing with Bella, his beautiful mail-order bride——————–

blocker playing stick with Bella Are you laughing at the whites of my eyes? I dare you!!

out comes the hose Out comes the hose.

the hose come out Just hosing around.

going crazy for the hose Going crazy for that hose. Blocker is levitating.

post hose relaxationPost-hose relaxation.

———————–Going mobile photos————————–

Bella is a 88lb dog– a good-sized shepherd. Compare her to Blocker. He was a tall, rangey 120 pounds then. Eyes like a lion, so said some. Was it Scar or Simba?

Blocker & Bella in truckback 100kb

“This is how we cruise for… uh, squirrels.”


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