Blocker The Dog

Blocker: More Clips, Pics

Blocker as a pup, 8 weeks or so. 3 full minutes of gratuitous puppy video. Block enters from the right, and dominates control of the pot. (That’s him with the scrap of paper about 1:15, too.) At the end he rejoins the pot fray as he scampers across the screen from the left; watch where his nozzle ends up– boink! Hilarious luck. Luck, you say? Nay– skill, or fate. Then he scampers up towards the camera, job well done.

And here’s a clip of Blocker and his sister, Blue-Bleu, romping at 14 months.

“You chase me, I’ll chase you! Deal?”



Blocker was 2lbs at birth; twice as big as his littermates! Ouch!

2 lb blocker 80kb

8 weeks old, bone-proud.
Blocker 9 weeks w bone

First snowfall.
Blocker’s first snowfall

Doh! Bonding started. (Blocker was given to me as a gift; which I refused, as I didn’t have time for a dog. After weeks of unplanned bonding, that was all she wrote; we were a team.)
Bonding in the kitchen

At 9 months on the lakeshore up in Canada.
In Canada at 9 months.

Blocker at his 2nd birthday party.
blocker at 2nd bday small


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