Blocker The Dog

2007 postings

Aug 7th, 2007-
One year ago today life changed forever. My boy Blocker was diagnosed with an unknown illness that day. We fought and prayed and tried for 8 months to save him. He was only seven, a magnificent creature and brilliant light of a soul. I miss him now and forever more. God bless you, my Blocker.


FATHER’S DAY 2007- This is a sad day for me. This father failed his child. The irony is his greatest desire was to protect me. That’s the thing about dogs; they’re our children, but they almost immediately want a parental role, to fulfill their instinctual need to guard and protect us from whatever threats they perceive as dangerous. Our children who love us so much they want to be our parents.

I failed to protect Blocker from his environment, from chemicals in his food, from mold, from asbestos, from lawn chemicals, from plaster and paint dust; from whatever it was that compromised his immune system. I don’t know what. I do know I failed.

This is a sad day for me. Fathers, this day is, yes, to honor you. But fathers, to you I say, give thanks for your children.



Hey, there. Some wonderful folks are adding their own rememberances to the blog on the “Your Memories” page to the left. Please, we really encourage you to give that gift to him and his life by sending any memories or anecdotes to “” Thank you very, very much.
A very special thanks to Medvet, whose staff took such amazing and daily life-saving care of Blocker, for their wonderfully generous and touching gift of an engraved brick in Blocker’s memory. These bricks, making up the patio of MedVet’s Paws Park (a beautiful garden just outside the facility with trees, benches and a dog-friendly fountain) are engraved as memorials for folks’ cherished companions who have passed. Our thanks to Dr. Eric Schertel and Doug MacMillian for their kind hearts in their complimentary gift of Blocker’s brick, which are normally purchased as a donation to the park. We so appreciate the work you do and the outstanding service of your facility.
thanks so much to our friends Michael and Mia and Jasa for the beautiful maple tree they so kindly gifted in Blocker’s memory. You are too kind. Thank you.
Weds, May 3, 2007. UPDATES:

Hello, folks. The outpouring of love and support in honor and rememberance of Blocker’s life has been amazing and deeply touching. The page to the left entitled “Thank You All” is our small gesture to express our gratitude, as there’s just not enough room here. And the video clips and photos will be compiled on pages listed on the left as well. Thank you all so much!
My buddy Andy Harrison’s blog is on the link section, lower left. Nice story about his new found glory, a rescued, running, rumaging rummy.


After this last 7 months or so, I want to and need to remember Blocker as he was (healthy and vigorous and magnificent) for the first 8 years of his life. I need to remember him that way instead of how how he was near the end as his symptoms were beating him down. I needs/must remember that energy and joy to honor his spirit for the truth of what his life was for all but these last 7 months. I’ll start posting some of these soon, for my sake.


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